SVG Sports OTT Forum 2023

SVG Sports OTT Forum 2023

The next generation of live sports video consumption is here.

On March 29, the 2023 SVG Sports OTT Forum took an in-depth look at some of the most important and innovative work being done by sports media companies in the streaming of live sports. What feature sets are driving engagement? What technology infrastructures are critical to success as audience grows and content exclusivity becomes more common. How is it all changing the live sports business as we know it?

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SVG Sports OTT Forum 2023
  • How FOX Sports Delivered Super Bowl LVII in 4K: Sports OTT Spotlight

    In all of American media, it doesn’t get bigger than the Super Bowl. Streaming the game is a feat in itself. Streaming it in Ultra HD? That’s a whole other conversation. For the second straight time that FOX Sports has carried the Super Bowl, the network streamed the game in 4K. How did they do i...

  • Bally Sports+ Elevates the In-Market Streaming Game: Sports OTT Spotlight

    Over the past year, in-market streaming of live games by regional sports networks has dramatically reshaped. At scale, no one has done it bigger than Bally Sports, bringing its direct-to-consumer subscription to its 19 markets nationwide. In addition to the unprecedented access to live games, wha...

  • National Lacrosse League’s End-to-End Production For ESPN+: Sports OTT Spotlight

    Live streaming of sports is changing the game in more ways than simply distribution models. For many leagues and broadcasters, end-to-end remote and even cloud-based workflows are allowing for more production of live games than ever before. For some leagues, it means the ability to produce one’s ...

  • OTT Tech Focus: The Business Case – Data, Personalization, Monetization

    With maturation comes monetization and in the world of sports streaming, monetization comes from mining data and building personalized experiences for users. In this panel discussion, some of the industry’s leading vendors share how they are seeing technology generate revenue, help acquire and (p...

  • OTT Tech Focus: The Essentials – Encoding, Latency, Monitoring, Content Security

    As live sports streaming scales, the technological demands increase. What does that mean for encoders and the crowded codec landscape? How much closer to zero latency has technology gotten? In what ways are solutions becoming more sophisticated to protect your valuable live content from piracy? W...

  • How Southern Cross Austereo Efficiently Manages its Media: A Xytech Case Study

    Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), one of Australia’s leading media companies reaching more than 95% of the Australian population, owns and operates 99+ stations and airs the National Rugby League (NRL), the Australian Football League (AFL), and Cricket Australia Coverage. In this presentation, Keith...

  • SVG Sports OTT Tech Spotlight: Signiant