SVG India Summit 2024

SVG India Summit 2024

The Sports Video Group held its first event in India on April 30, 2024. Hosted by Star Sports in Mumbai, the event will bring together top-level executives from the TV sports production community for a day of networking, tours, panel discussions, technical presentations, and much more.

SVG India Summit 2024
  • The Future of Sports Production in India

    India remains one of the more captivating markets in the world for live sports production.

    With sports production professionals at leagues and channels across the county having more ways to produce content than ever, what's new and exciting in the region? Leaders in the India sports production c...

  • How Augmented Reality, Data-Driven Graphics Production Are Changing Everything

    Augmented reality technology is helping sports content creators visualise data in a way that makes it more digestible and provides more context. AR technology providers and artists share their thoughts on the current and future state of AR and how to effectively add it to your production.

  • How AI and Automated Production Helps Smaller Sports Grow

    The biggest challenge facing up-and-coming sports content creators, leagues, and federations is making sure their coverage look as great as they can.

    At the SVG India Summit leaders in Generative AI and automated production discuss how new tools and production services are making it easier to g...