SVG Europe's Create Share Engage 2024

SVG Europe's Create Share Engage 2024

SVG Europe's Create Share Engage 2024 was a one-day event for sports federations, leagues, associations, clubs, and other rights owners, as well as broadcasters, agencies, and producers, that will focus on creating and distributing sports content, and engaging fans, across social media, streaming and other digital platforms.

SVG Europe's Create Share Engage 2024
  • Trendspotting: What the Data Says About Sports Content on Mobile and OTT

    A data research presentation covering European sports video consumption across mobile, OTT, streaming and other digital products, outlining both where we are now and how it could look in the coming years, and what this means for sports broadcasting in general.

    Ed Barton, Caretta Resear...

  • A Fireside Chat with EBU's Executive Director of Sport Glen Killane

    Glen Killane, EBU, Executive Director of Sport, discusses Eurovision Sport, the EBU’s new direct-to-consumer streaming platform for Olympic sports.

  • The Only Way is Up: A 9:16 Content Production Masterclass

    A panel of producers and agencies showcase their work and share best practices when it comes to producing live and on-demand content for mobile: outlining what works, and what doesn’t, and providing the secret to ensuring broadcasters and ‘Generation TikTok’ alike are engaged.

    Tim Stot...

  • There’s No I in Stream: A State of the Industry Panel

    From the growing importance of mobile content and fast turnaround highlights to piracy, D2C, and fan engagement, a panel of experts reflect on the presentation that precedes the panel and then discuss and analyse current trends and emerging opportunities across European sports streaming, social m...

  • Welcome to the Club: How to Win at Fan Engagement

    In a series of fireside chats, representatives from federations and leagues outline how (and why) they are using audiovisual content to attract/engage the next generation of fans and/or increase participation in their sport, and look at strategies for monetising them along the way.


  • Welcoming Remarks: Appear

    SVG Europe's Create Share Engage 2024 opens with remarks from Alex Pannell, Chief Commercial Officer at Appear.

  • Balancing Cost, Sustainability, and Fan Engagement: An Appear Case Study

    With escalating costs and environmental concerns, the sports broadcasting sector is increasingly turning to technology to deliver immersive and engaging content sustainably. Alex Pannell, Chief Commercial Officer at Appear, will explore real-life examples of strategic investments in technology th...