SVG Teams Summit 2023

SVG Teams Summit 2023

Always trying to dazzle diehard supporters and attract a new wave of fans, professional sports teams always have their eyes on the next big innovation.

At the third-annual SVG Teams Summit, this virtual event provided an update on studio-based productions, took a look at how organizations are developing new ways to connect with audiences, and understand the latest technologies and workflows that help generate content.

SVG Teams Summit 2023
  • System Integration Focus: An Update on Facility-Based Productions

    Over the past year, a handful of teams have opened the doors to brand-new production facilities. Team representative and leading system integrators take you inside the building to break down the process of developing each project, the long-lasting challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, examples of ...

  • The Digital Connection: How Teams Are Directly Connecting to Fans

    As linear channels continue to drive the traditional method of viewership, franchises are working hard to create new ways of grabbing the attention of younger demographics. Leveraging the power of mobile-based apps and live streaming, hear how clubs are engaging fans through newly-launched platfo...

  • Eye in the Sky: Showcasing Venues Through Aerial Footage

    Ever since the inception of cameras on helicopters, teams have been infatuated with proving aerial views that humans are incapable of seeing on their own. Over time, devices like high-speed drones have taken over this sector by squeezing through tight spaces and soaring in areas of venues that ha...

  • SVG Teams Summit Tech Spotlight: Signiant

  • Tech Focus: Inside Studio-Based Tech and Workflows

    Despite new studios and facilities looking absolutely gorgeous on the inside, these buildings would be nothing without the behind-the-scenes hardware and software. In this 45-minute conversation, top technology vendors and manufacturers sound off on the latest broadcast equipment, how teams are a...

  • How Sportsground is Expanding Production Services with Cloud-Native Platforms

    Sportsground are recognized experts in live production for football, hockey, and other emerging sports markets in Sweden. Already proficient in full-featured remote production on a tight turnaround schedule, Sportsground has begun using Chyron LIVE – a cloud-native production platform for switchi...