SVG Digital Engagement Forum 2024

SVG Digital Engagement Forum 2024

More than 200 industry professionals from leagues, teams, broadcasters, and manufacturers attended the 2024 SVG Digital Engagement Forum in New York City on Wednesday, March 20, 2023. With the growing trend of engagement through means like live streaming, advanced data integration, interactivity, gamification, alternate video feeds, and more, the day-long event was dedicated to showcasing the technologies and creative visions that are delivering can’t miss experiences for domestic and international sports fans.

SVG Digital Engagement Forum 2024
  • Welcoming Remarks: Edgio

    Welcoming Remarks by Title Sponsor of the SVG Digital Engagement Forum, Edgio
    Presented by:
    Eric Black, Edgio, CTO and General Manager

  • Fan Engagement and Video: A State of the Industry Conversation

    When it comes to embracing new technologies and building unique experiences for fans in 2024 and beyond, how does a professional make the right investments for their brands? In this unique roundtable discussion, key sports media industry leaders will share how the proliferation of live streaming,...

  • Prime Video, TNF, and Next-Level Streaming: A Keynote Conversation

    Over the past few years, Prime Video has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in live sports, both in the United States and globally. With the second season of Thursday Night Football under its belt — and with a wealth of other live sports properties to deliver — what innovations are the emergi...

  • ESPN, Analytics, and Powering Next-Generation Consumption Experiences

    As the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN is at the forefront of building and delivering new and exciting ways for fans to consume their favorite sports live. How are technology and analytics fueling these experiences and what opportunities remain for the future?
    Allison Loucks, ESPN, Dir...

  • Sports My Way: Data, Interactivity, and Personalization in Live Streaming

    Users expect more from their live sports streaming experience. From real-time data overlays to alternate feeds, to the ability to interact with games or chat with friends, the live sports streaming experience is taking engagement in the broadcast to new depths. In this panel discussion, industry ...

  • FAST’s Sports Arrival: Streaming Comes Full Circle

    FAST [free advertising supported streaming television]is exploding across the entertainment industry and major sports brands are beginning to either explore their options or making the leap. What are the business opportunities offered by FAST, what technologies are fueling the services, and how a...

  • AI, Machine Learning, Automation, & Feeding the Content Beast on Mobile, Social

    Fans appetites for sports content – live, highlights, or otherwise – is insatiable. How do we keep up affordably and practically? Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other tools are fueling a more sophisticated era of automation in live content. How are sports content owners using the...

  • HBS – Finding Authentic Voices on the Digital Frontlines

    HBS is one of the world’s largest host broadcasters, overseeing the global production and distribution of massive events, scaling up to as large as the FIFA World Cup. In today’s world, though, host broadcasters are called upon to provide far more than just the match to its many rightsholders. Ho...

  • The Maturation of Streaming Services: Tech Perspectives

    With opportunities aboard a core truth remains in the world of live streaming and digital video delivery at scale: performance matters. How are technologies under the hood of the some of the industry’s most successful streaming services evolving and what new developments will help move the busine...

  • Innovation In-Venue: Leagues, Teams, and Realtime Experiences

    Competition with the at-home viewing experience is fierce. Simultaneously, though, sports fans are valuing in-person experiences in today’s world. Whether its video delivery made possible by 5G, hyper-personalized content offerings for users on mobile, or simply keeping fans updated with everythi...

  • SVG Digital Tech Spotlight: Signiant