SVG Australia Summit 2024

SVG Australia Summit 2024

SVG returned Down Under for the 2024 SVG Australia Summit, where leaders in sports TV and video production took to the stage to discuss the most recent trends and workflows that make a difference in the way the industry serve video to fans.

SVG Australia Summit 2024
  • Welcoming Remarks from Telstra Broadcast Services

    The 2024 SVG Australia Summit opens with welcoming remarks from Karen Clark, Head of APAC at Telstra Broadcast Services.

  • Kayo Sports Executive Director Cate Hefele: A Keynote Conversation

    The world of streaming is transforming how fans connect with their favorite teams and sports. But along with the opportunities come the challenges and we’ll discuss both with Hefele as she provides insights into the ins and outs of streaming, how to connect with fans in new ways, the role of wome...

  • What’s Next in Fan Engagement?: An Australian Perspective

    Technology continues to become a bigger part of every sports channel, league and federation. Leaders in Australian sports production discuss the latest steps being taken to engage with fans in new ways as digital technologies continue to evolve.

    Chris Dredge, LiveU Pacific, Country an...

  • How Generative Ai and The Cloud Could Change Everything

    The use of both public and private cloud computing is opening up new ways to produce live sports content and when coupled with generative Ai the potential is limitless. What are some of the recent advances that are making cloud production and generative Ai closer to becoming more widespread.


  • Australian Women’s Sports Post 2023 World Cup: What’s Next?

    The 2023 Women’s World Cup resonated with sports fans around the world. Did the event permanently move the needle in terms of the popularity and growth of women’s sports? What has been the ripple effect and what does the industry need to do to continue the momentum?

    Erin Ferreira, FOX...

  • The FAST Channel Revolution: An Australian Perspective

    Traditional linear TV viewing was thought to be a thing of the past but the rise of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming) Channels are giving new life to linear viewing. Experts discuss how to launch a FAST channel, how to find success, and why it’s something everyone from clubs to leagues to channe...

  • Broadcasting the Australian Open: A Telstra Case Study

    A look at how Tennis Australia’s broadcasts and media distribution have evolved, how they’re engaging with global fans today, and how they plan to innovate in the future.

    Alfonso Medina, Tennis Australia, Head of Media Rights
    Josh Lee, Tennis Australia, Head of Broadcast & Media Oper...

  • Tomorrow’s Live Sports Production Infrastructure Today: A Lawo Case Study

    The migration to IP-based live production infrastructure was only a prerequisite for the next evolutionary step in broadcast technology: microservice-based, scalable, dynamic software running on standard server technology is the key to significantly increased utilization of processing resources a...