Silicon Valley Video Summit 2024

Silicon Valley Video Summit 2024

Big Tech is a burgeoning market for Video and Broadcast. Big Tech companies have embraced Video as core technology and are transforming the way it is produced, distributed, and stored. The Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS) is the annual exchange of Broadcast and Big Tech thought-leadership right in the heart of Silicon Valley. SVVS is produced by SVG, which has served the information needs of the sports production industry since 2006.

Silicon Valley Video Summit 2024
  • The Video Singularity. How Video and Software Have Changed the World

    Why video, software, and the networks that connect them have changed everything we know about the world, and what comes next.

    Andrew Cross, Industry Technologist and Inventor of NDI

  • Technology Executive Roundtable: Silicon Valley Video Summit 2024

    Senior technology officers join in a conversation about how the overriding B-2-B tech trends (AI, cloud, 5G, etc.) are specifically impacting the creation, production, and delivery of corporate video content.

    Simon Crownshaw, Microsoft, Worldwide Lead for Media & Entertainment
    Mike Da...

  • Video Tech Elevates the In-Person Event Experience

    What technologies are improving the audience experience, providing in-person and remote attendee equity while maximizing engagement for them both.

    Kyle Healy, The Global Leadership Network, Director of Broadcast and Digital Experiences
    Jack Kelly, Freeman, VP, Content Production
    Mark ...

  • How They Did It: Success and Failures from Big Events

    Producers, directors, and TDs share the “behind the scenes” stories of how they produced their latest big events – both internal and external.

    Stephen Light, SXSW, Director of Commercial Content
    Joseph Lynch, EA, Group Director, Esports Content and Programming
    Mina Sabet, TED Conferen...

  • Transforming Live Production with AI

    How will AI transform live event storytelling and content personalization? How can pre-produced and live content integrate together with AI’s help?

    Karina Anglada, Adobe, Strategic Development Manager
    Mo Goyal, Evertz, Senior Director, Live Media Production
    Pinar Seyhan Demirdag, Cueb...

  • Global Live Event Production in the Cloud

    Major live events are now all global events, with the “mothership” production team often required to manage multiple live event venues tied together in multiple ways for both on-prem and remote viewers. How has the cloud changed live production workflows?

    Mike Buetsch,, Dire...

  • The Global Studio: New Strategies for Broadcast Facilities Design

    Behind the scenes, video network architects are connecting facilities around the campus, country, and world to reinvent their broadcast workflows and live events. What strategies are corporate video heads using in their recent designs? What network standards are they adopting? What questions shou...

  • AI-for-Video Production & Post – Today!

    For many corporate video producers and engineers AI is already here for teleprompting, localization and camera tracking. But what else is coming — and when?

    Michael Cioni, Strada, Founder and CEO
    Jon Finger, Director / Filmmaker
    Philippe Petitpont, Newsbridge, CEO and Co-Founder

  • Integrating Image-Based Lighting in Virtual Production

    The rapid emergence of Virtual Production with LED Volumes as an innovative storytelling approach to content creation has highlighted the need to perfect the photorealism of on-set lighting. How will Image Based Lighting and Pixel Mapping techniques improve the immersive quality of images capture...

  • Integrating SMPTE 2110 in Virtual Production

    The production industry is slowly but surely adopting the SMPTE ST 2110 standard as the way of the future. The flexibility and scalability of a transport stream infrastructure over a standard video workflow presents many advantages. What does adoption of 2110 mean for Virtual Production with LED ...

  • Media Cloud for the Masses

    What cloud offerings fit the needs of the mid-to-smaller level budgets? Where is the entry-level where the practice becomes cost-efficient?

    Tom Carlisle, Diversified, Cloud Innovation Leader
    Richard Duke, Avid Technology, Chief Cloud Solutions Architect
    Kiran Patel, AWS, Head of Produ...

  • Video from the Depths and The New Era of Immersive Exploration

    What if you could explore anywhere in the world in real-time from your living room? World-renowned oceanographer and explorer Dr. Robert Ballard believes that day is almost here, and will take you to the seafloor as a start. Famed as the discoverer of the Titanic shipwreck, Ballard has spent his ...