Silicon Valley Video Summit 2023

Silicon Valley Video Summit 2023

Big Tech is a burgeoning market for Video and Broadcast. Big Tech companies have embraced Video as core technology and are transforming the way it is produced, distributed and stored. The time is right for an annual meeting of these complementary communities. And the inaugural Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS) will offer an annual exchange of Broadcast and Big Tech thought-leadership – right in the heart of Silicon Valley. SVVS is produced by SVG, which has served the information needs of the sports production industry since 2006.

Silicon Valley Video Summit 2023
  • Silicon Valley Video Summit 2023: Welcoming Remarks

    Attendees are welcomed to the 2023 Silicon Valley Video Summit.

    Presented by:
    Martin Porter, SVG, Executive Director and Executive Producer, Silicon Valley Video
    Peter Thordarson, Former Microsoft Chief Production Engineer; Program Chair
    Dave Van Hoy, Advanced Systems Group (ASG), President

  • LinkedIn’s Strategy for Multisite Enterprise SMPTE 2110 Production

    LinkedIn has developed multi-site video production infrastructures in multiple-regions around the globe. How has SMPTE 2110 transformed these system architectures and the company’s production workflows?
    Tim Nesbitt, LinkedIn, Staff Media Systems Project Engineer
    Karen Ordaz, LinkedIn, ...

  • Advancements in SMPTE 2110 for Corporate Production

    A panel of engineers from leading video and broadcast technology companies will present and discuss their latest distributed studio innovations and product roadmaps.
    Casper Choffat, NEP Group, SVP of Global Product
    Sam Craig, Advanced Systems Group (ASG), Cloud Group Engineering Leader...

  • The Future of SMPTE 2110

    In this panel presented by the SMPTE San Francisco Chapter, leading broadcast and video technologists will provide insights into standards development on the 2110 platform. What you should know about what’s coming:
    John Mailhot, Imagine Communications, CTO, Networking and Infrastructur...

  • “Digital First” Transforms Live Event Production

    The Pandemic has transformed live events forever – and corporate events are no exception. A panel of live event producers will provide real world examples of how their productions have changed now that they are providing content to millions around the world while still satisfying the needs of on-...

  • The Evolution of Building Digital Events

    Alex Lindsay interviews Andy Carluccio, Zoom’s Head of Events Engineering, about the development of Liminal Entertainment Technologies over COVID, Zoom’s acquisition, and the future of Digital First events.
    Andy Carluccio, Zoom Video Communications, Events Engineering Manager
    Alex Linds...

  • “Digital First” Transforms Live Event Technology

    Now that every corporate event is also a broadcast, what new technologies are being built for this new workflow environment and how are engineers keeping up with the pace of change?
    Ryan Brodie, Conference Technologies, Branch Director
    Mo Goyal, Evertz, Senior Director, Live Media Prod...

  • Silicon Valley Video Summit 2023: Lunch Welcoming Remarks

    Attendees are welcomed back from lunch at Silicon Valley Video Summit 2023.
    Tom Baldassare, B&H B2B, Business Development
    Menashe Horowitz, B&H Photo & Video, CEO

  • Generative AI Media Disrupts the Future of Video Production

    The recent introduction of ChatGPT and generative media solutions (Runway, Lensa, Synthesia) are rapidly escalating the use of AI image and video generation for media and entertainment. While producers must still address the ethical issues of synthetic content creation, technologists are accelera...

  • Get Ready for the New, Advanced Video Production Workflows

    Advances in 5G and next-gen media formats like 8K, HDR and immersive audio, have raised the bar for video productions, while also raising viewer expectations. How are video technologists harmonizing their systems now, so they can serve both today’s mature and tomorrow’s emerging tech requirements...

  • Making the Cloud Work On-Prem

    In today’s “hybrid” world, broadcasters are choosing to maintain traditional studios in real buildings, while moving much of their infrastructure into the cloud. Several months back, in the midst of the Pandemic, they were virtualizing everything. But as studios went back on line, the realities o...

  • How to Manage a Remote Video Production Workforce

    With remote production now the norm, how are corporate video departments managing an ever-widening workforce of remote editors and producers? What new, remote workflows are being developed to enable work-from-home – with larger workloads and tighter-than-ever timelines?
    Zachary Bennett...

  • Virtual Production in the Real World

    Virtual production is offering content creators new solutions and creative opportunities. However, corporate communicators aren’t working on Hollywood blockbusters. And, usually, their production teams are contending with challenged physical environments. How can they unlock the story-telling pow...

  • What’s Real? Creating Content for the Metaverse

    The next generation of VR headsets are opening up new opportunities for corporate content creators, using a new generation content creation tools. How are corporate video producers and engineers planning to leverage the power of the metaverse to create compelling video experiences for their teams...