SVG Venue Summit 2024: Allegiant Stadium

SVG Venue Summit 2024: Allegiant Stadium

Less than a month after hosting the largest single-day sports event on the planet, Allegiant Stadium welcomed the SVG Venue Summit to Las Vegas. The event, which drew more than 200 sports-production professionals from 50+ teams and venues on March 4, spotlighted the state-of-the-art NFL venue and its role in pulling off Super Bowl LVIII, as well as the latest advances in venue technology, creative videoboard content, and best practices for game-day entertainment.

SVG Venue Summit 2024: Allegiant Stadium
  • Las Vegas Raiders Provide Tech Roadmap of Allegiant Stadium

    After heading to Las Vegas, the Raiders have staked their claim as a must-see destination in a city with a ton of options. After three years in their new home, the crew has gotten comfortable with the technology at their disposal and have elevated their production quality to new heights. Members ...

  • Allegiant Stadium Shines: Behind the NFL's In-Stadium Show of Super Bowl LVIII

    On Feb. 11, 2024, Allegiant Stadium will host one of the most-watched sporting events on the calendar: Super Bowl LVIII. The Raiders re-take the stage to explain how their in-venue production team entertained fans during the NFL’s championship game, how they worked with CBS Sports to enhance thei...

  • Las Vegas Venues Fire Up the Entertainment Capital of the World

    Sports in Las Vegas are only one option in a city with endless opportunities for fun. To capture fans’ attention, sports venues around Las Vegas are committed to create engaging content and unforgettable gameday experiences on any given day. Local professional and collegiate teams around the area...

  • 5G, Enhanced Wi-Fi, and Internal Signal Transport: A Venue Connectivity Update

    Stadiums are gradually implementing new systems for increased connectivity. Whether it’s 5G, DAS, or Wi-Fi 6, experts dissect how this enhanced infrastructure is allowing fans to indulge deeper into the gameday production and technicians to transport video signals and other information with more ...

  • In-Venue Technology Wrap-Up: A Discussion on 4K, IP, and More

    To take gameday shows to the next level, venues around the country are investing in new technologies on the back end. To close out the day, leading vendors offer an update on in-venue workflows, where the industry is at on topics that include 4K, HDR, and IP, and preview how control rooms will co...

  • Fuse Technical Group Leverages IP Video: A Matrox Video Case Study

    Fuse’s Director of Media Servers, Ryan Middlemiss, will describe the technical and logistical challenge of implementing ST 2110 for the world’s biggest show on the world’s largest high-resolution screen.

    Ryan Middlemiss, The Fuse Technical Group, Director of Media Servers