SVG Summit 2023

SVG Summit 2023

The 17th-annual SVG Summit brought together more than 1,500 sports-production professionals at the New York Hilton Midtown hotel on Dec. 11-12 for two days of informational panels and workshops, cutting-edge–technology showcases, and, most important, plenty of opportunities for attendees to network face-to-face and catch up with friends old and new.

SVG Summit 2023
  • Welcoming Remarks: AWS

    The 2023 SVG Summit kicks off with welcoming remarks from our title sponsor, AWS.

    Presented by:
    Jason Dvorkin, AWS, Media & Entertainment Industry Specialist, BD Leader
    Mike Davies, Fox Sports, EVP, Technical and Field Operations; SVG Chairman

  • Keynote Conversation: Telemundo, EVP of Sports Eli Velazquez

    During his 20 year career at Telemundo, Eli Velazquez has played a key part in production decisions concerning some of the world’s biggest sporting events like the World Cup, Olympics, Super Bowls, and more. Earlier this year, he was promoted to EVP of Sports for NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprise...

  • Sports Production Roundtable

    The SVG Summit concluded with a roundtable discussion featuring top leaders in sports production. We’ll discuss the latest trends that are driving their productions, the challenges in continuing to do more as shows get larger and goes deeper, and what new technologies are making a difference.

  • State of the Remote Production Business

    Change is constant in the world of remote production and never more so than in 2024. There are more ways than ever to produce an event thanks to cloud services, fiber connectivity, and IP but there is still plenty of demand for trucks to be on site. Top executives from the remote production commu...

  • Devoncroft Presentation

    The rise in interest rates has meant that all industry participants, from leagues, to owners, to manufacturers, to networks, are now confronting business model challenges head on. Market expectations have been reset and there is uncertainty around key revenue streams. Can technology help sports c...

  • The Ins and Outs of Alternate Broadcast Productions

    When it comes to hot trends in sports production, the rise of alternate broadcasts as a way to engage viewers continues to become a bigger part of not only national broadcasts but also regional shows. Join us to learn how to cost effectively create the technical backbone for an alternate broadcas...

  • The Rise of Women’s Sports Production

    The ratings for women’s sports continue to climb to record levels and that, in turn, drives the need for better and deeper productions. Leaders in women’s sports production discuss how their productions are evolving, why their programming is connecting with viewers, and why everyone should be pay...

  • Innovation at the Regional Sports Networks

    No one understands the challenges of creating tons of content both cost effectively and with an eye on innovation to keep viewers tuned in better than the regional sports networks. Leaders from RSNs discuss some of their innovations in 2023 and what they are looking forward to in 2024.


  • Inside Monumental Sports Network: A Diversified Case Study

    As 2024 approaches, Monumental Sports and Entertainment prepares to unveil its innovative RSN production facility, supporting their DC area NBA, WNBA, and NHL teams. Amidst a backdrop of global RSN challenges nationally, this facility, developed with Diversified, represents a major strategic inve...

  • Fast Track to ST 2110 with Pac-12 Networks: An Imagine Communications Case Study

    Being at the forefront of live sports production provides a full viewer experience, and Pac-12 scores the winning play.

    Join Hieu Ho of Pac-12 Networks, Nik Kumar of ASG, and John Mailhot of Imagine Communications as they discuss the best practices and lessons learned when migrating to IP connec...

  • Revolutionizing with Cloud-Based Live Production and HEVC: A Sony Case Study

    Cloud-based live production solutions utilizing advanced HEVC codec technology will revolutionize broadcast and sports production by delivering higher quality video with reduced bandwidth requirements. This will enable more immersive and crisp broadcasts, providing viewers with an enhanced experi...

  • SVG Tech Spotlight: AWS

  • SVG Tech Spotlight: arkona technologies

  • SVG Tech Spotlight: Net Insight