SVG Remote Production Forum 2023

SVG Remote Production Forum 2023

SVG’s Remote Production Forum headed west to Los Angeles on Wednesday, Sept. 27 as more than 200 attendees were treated to a full day of sessions packed with leaders from major sports broadcasters, leagues, teams, streaming outlets, and technology vendors. The event shed light on how remote production continues to change rapidly as technologies like fiber connections, IP, and the cloud have opened up new ways for sports productions large and small to be produced.

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SVG Remote Production Forum 2023
  • Welcoming Remarks Presented by LTN

    At the 2023 SVG Remote Production Forum, Brad Wall, LTN, CTO offered welcoming remarks.

  • Perspectives on New Remote Production Workflows

    A mix of technologies have opened up a whole new world of how to produce sports events. Leaders in remote production operations take to the stage and share their thoughts on the possibilities and limitations of a world where production operations and personnel can be de-centralized.


  • Women’s World Cup Reflections with Fox Sports

    The Women’s World Cup was one of the bigger sports events of the year. Fox Sports executives discuss their production plans, workflows, and lessons learned as their team spanned the globe.

    Kevin Callahan, Fox Sports, VP, Field Operations and Engineering
    Rob Rees, Fox Sports, VP, Live ...

  • Will the Cloud Change Everything?

    Live sports productions, particularly smaller shows, have begun to embrace cloud-based productions, whereby camera signals are sent directly into the cloud rather than being cut on site. Manufacturers and facility providers discuss the latest developments in cloud-based production and how your or...

  • How New Developments in IP Drive Innovation

    IP technologies continue to become more ubiquitous when it comes to opening up new ways of working and transporting signals in an efficient manner. Experts in the various flavors of IP being used in production as well as manufacturers discuss the latest developments.

    Bruno Brunelle, T...

  • Automated Production, AI, and the Future of Sports Production

    Are AI and automated production friend or foe for live sports production? How are the two technologies intertwined and how are they impacting production today? More importantly, how will they impact production and operations tomorrow?

    T.K. Gore, Kiswe, Global Head of Sports Partnershi...

  • Live Remote Production in the Mountains: A LiveU Case Study

    The Broken Arrow Skyrace represents a unique style of mountain running, characterized by off-trail climbing on steep terrain with massive amounts of vertical gain and loss at altitude. To produce a live event covering this strenuous race, the production team needed to get creative. LiveU was brou...

  • Mastering Remote Production with Real-time Streaming: A Case Study

    In this talk, Braden Riggs discusses the role of low-delay video and audio streaming in enabling Remote Production at scale and how some of the industry’s biggest players are using this technology today. He will dive into the platform, show some quick demos, and discuss some customers us...

  • Fox Sports’ Courtney Stockmal on Directing the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

    Directing her second FIFA World Cup in seven months, Fox Sports’ Courtney Stockmal was at the controls of the network’s productions in New Zealand and Australia.

    At the 2023 SVG Remote Production Forum, Stockmal describes the preparation that went into the competition, what it was like handling ...

  • NFL Media Previews Int'l Games, Reflects on Impact of L.A. HQ Three Years Later

    Strengthening its popularity in the United States and stretching its reach internationally, the NFL has become a league without borders. In the 2023 season, its production arm — NFL Media — is expanding its responsibilities with more international games and increasing the use of their three-year-...

  • Fox Sports’ TJ Scanlon on His Role in Day-to-Day Operational Efforts

    Throughout the sports calendar, Fox Sports handles productions both big and small. For shows in a variety of sizes, the broadcaster’s production and operations teams are tasked with putting together broadcasts through technological innovation.

    At the SVG Remote Production Forum, Fox Sports Manag...

  • NBC Sports Bay Area & California’s Devon Fox on SplitKasts, Tech on Broadcasts

    To stand out, regional sports networks across the country are trying to implement new technologies and production ideas. At NBC Sports Bay Area & California, the crew is continuing their COVID-created SplitKasts to accommodate for San Francisco Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow‘s degenerative illnes...

  • Disney Ent. & ESPN Tech’s Michael Kidd on Cloud-Based Workflows' Impact Content

    ESPN has become bullish on leveraging cloud-based technologies for their packed schedule of events. At the 2023 SVG Remote Production Forum, Disney Entertainment & ESPN Technology’s Director, Architecture, Michael Kidd, highlight how the introduction and availability of these workflows are changi...

  • LTN’s Brad Wall on Assisting Clients Amidst the Constant Evolution of IP

    The sports-video-production industry is constantly changing, and there’s not a topic that’s evolving as quickly as IP. From LTN’s point of view, a handful of products and their main mission is to be there for customers who are undergoing this transition and alleviate any pressures dealt by those ...